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Our knowledge, experience and creative thinking gives organisations the expertise they need to help grow their business by producing relevant copy, compelling messages, press releases and other materials that helps drive the sales and marketing strategy, while at the same time representing the needs of the target audience.


Good, clear, effective communication is the cornerstone of any sales and marketing strategy, because it determines how an audience perceives and understands a product or service.


A major part of our work with clients involves carrying out forensic investigations into their communications planning and research programmes – this provides us with valuable insight and the knowledge of how to improve performance. It also enables us to understand fully what the client’s expectations are and, more importantly, what is expected.


Out tailor-made marketing support strategy includes:-


  • strategy development
  • project management
  • market intellegence
  • sales & arketing support
  • PR
  • publishing
  • opinion leader development
  • revenue generation
  • CRM



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The brilliant new novel by Carol Cooper, published by Hardwick Press

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